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The California State University

Fresca, Refreshed

Published on the Fresca team blog Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 01:24am

We're very proud and excited to present to you a new and improved version of Fresca. With this release, we've introduced a handful of new features, laid a bunch of groundwork for exciting new releases in the near future, and completely revamped the experience of using Fresca.

User experience revamped.

You've probably already noticed the shiny new user interface. These changes aren't just skin deep. The new "My profile" section gives you quick access to managing your profile and its content, provides hints for how to improve your profile, and gives you quick access to seeing how your profile looks to the public. We've cleaned up browsing a bit (and are working on further improvements). And have reorganized and split-up public profiles to let you get a good overview of a person, while still being able to drill down into the full content of their profile.

Improved publications import.

We've spent a little bit of time refining our Xerxes-powered publication import feature. When JavaScript is enabled, we continuously pull all of the search results, loading them into the page as they become available. We've improved our checking for publications that you've already imported so that your search isn't cluttered with publications already in Fresca. And we've made it possible to specify whether you want to import a publication as featured, shown, or hidden -- as well as being able to annotate student authors.

Other changes.

There's much more going on with this release of Fresca. We've added a new publication type for videos (e.g., DVDs), and are working on adding a wide variety of others. And, of course, there's been a handful of bug fixes and smaller feature refinements all through the system. Take a look around. We think you'll like what you see.