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The California State University

April 14 Updates: New hosting, Shibboleth, and more

Published on the Fresca team blog Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 10:51am

We've just completed moving Fresca over to our shiny new hosting environment. The move should provide better performance and reliability. Along with the move, we've pushed a number of updates to Fresca itself.

Integrated campus authentication for SF State

We've integrated the Shibboleth single sign-on system for users at SF State. If you're at SF State, just choose your campus from the login page. Fresca will send you over to SF State's global authentication page where you'll enter your SF State ID and password. You will no longer need to (or, indeed, be able to) use your Fresca credentials and password.

If you're faculty at SF State and don't yet have a Fresca account, just login as per normal. A Fresca account will automatically be provisioned for you.

We'll be launching Shibboleth support for additional campuses in the very near future. When your campus is Shibboleth enabled, you won't need to remember separate login information for Fresca. Just use the same credentials you use for your existing campus services and Fresca will just plain work.

Other changes

  • Search improvements — Searching should provide more accurate results, as well as give you a better idea of why Fresca is presenting you the matches it is. We're still working on refinements to this (as well as to the browse tool) to make finding faculty in Fresca as fast and simple as possible.
  • Bio-sketch interface improvements — It's even easier to create NIH and NSF bio-sketches with Fresca.
  • Web feeds (Atom) for groups' news & announcements — Use a feed reader (such as live bookmarks in Firefox or Google Reader) to subscribe to the news and announcements from the groups you belong to.
  • Bug fixes — We've fixed the usual assortment of bugs and glitches. The two most common bugs fixed in this release are an IE7 peek-a-boo bug (disappearing profile photos) and an IE8 layout bug ("About me" descriptions overlapping profile photos).
  • Minor aesthetic improvements — We've tweaked the styles on a few different pages.