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Welcome SDSU College of Science faculty!

Published on the Fresca team blog Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 11:32am

Welcome SDSU College of Science faculty! You should have already received your invitation with a link for you to create a password, customize your profile, and update your list of publications and awards.

The data from the SDSU COS publication database is already in your profiles, and you can also import publication citations from a number of databases.

During the pilot, you can expect some changes as we collect your feedback and implement enhancements. We’ll let you know on this blog when they happen, but here are examples of upcoming enhancements:

  • A custom CV, report, and biosketch builder tool that produces accessible MS Word documents (coming in several weeks)
  • More publication types included in the publication entry tool
  • Ability to select the format in which you wish to view publications on profiles (currently Chicago; MLA coming soon)