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Welcome to WRPI members.

Published on the Fresca team blog Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 09:24am

The Fresca team would like to extend a hearty welcome to the members of the Water Resources and Policy Initiatives group. We're attending the WRPI inaugural conference as we write this, and have already invited approximately 200 members of the WRPI to join the Fresca project.

WRPI members should find that they come in with a profile already populated with basic information about themselves. One of our ultimate goals with Fresca is to minimize the effort required to get a profile started and filled out. To that end, we work hard to import data from a variety of sources, including ad hoc information collected by affinity groups, campuses, and units within campuses.

To get an even bigger start on your Fresca profile, we recommend you check out the publication import facility. We're working on improving it as we speak, but it already picks up a variety of publications from a good number of journals. To import publications, find the Add publication link in the "Publications" box on your profile page. Beneath the list of publication types currently supported by Fresca, you'll find a link to Import publications. Fresca will conduct a search over several publication databases and return publications that it thinks might be from you. The search is primarily keyed off of your name, and is limited by the types of data that publication databases provided, so some of the results may not be for you. Simply check off the publications you wish to import, and click the import button at the bottom of the page. Publications that are imported are fully editable and can always be removed from the Manage publications page.

What does filling out your Fresca profile get you? First, Fresca connects you to other members of WRPI and other faculty doing research and work of interest across the CSU. Second, we're working hard on providing tools that will allow you to easily reuse the data you've entered into your profile. The most prominent of these tools will be ready for you to use in the Fall, and will automatically produce pre-formatted NIH and NSF bio-sketches, CVs, and other documents with your profile data in it. Here's what we imagine the workflow to look like:

You fill out your profile by editing it and importing publications and other data. You'll then go to the generation tool to select what data should appear in what format on the generated document. Finally, you'll click a button and Fresca will immediately send you a document for you to use as you need.

We'll have more information about this feature shortly.