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June 10: Revised Browsing Interface; Shibboleth for San Bernardino

Published on the Fresca team blog Friday, June 11, 2010 at 12:24pm

We've just put up a new Fresca version for you all. Alongside the usual handful of bug fixes and smaller improvements, there are a handful of larger updates, too.

Browse Refinements

Based on your feedback, we've made some significant improvements to the browse interface. First, when you begin to filter, Fresca now hides (or grays out) options that will not get you any results. For example, if you browse within "Humboldt State University" and then open the keywords selection window, you'll only see keywords that faculty at Humboldt have used to describe themselves in Fresca. This helps you really narrow down to what it's possible to find.

Another functional change to browsing is the ability to filter the options available in a selection window. When you open the "Keywords" window, for example, there's a text box at the top right. Type a word or part of a word in that box and the keywords list is instantly filtered to show only those keywords that contain that word or part of a word. (As an added bonus, if you just type one letter into the filter box, Fresca will show you only those keywords that begin with that letter.) Try it out. It's a powerful feature for quickly discovering what keywords, disciplines, and other types of information you can use to browse.

There are some smaller but still important changes to the browse functionality as well. Instead of your browser's "back" button taking you out of the browse page entirely, it'll move you back through the different browsing states you were in. We now display add/remove icons on hover that make it clearer what clicking a link will do. The number of results you've retrieved are shown in the gray breadcrumb bar. And we've just made it all cleaner and easier to read.

Share These Results in Browse

At the top-right of the browse area, we've added a "Share" button. Clicking this button gives you a shareable link to the exact results you're viewing. We also give you the option of automatically sending the link by e-mail or sharing it using a variety of social bookmarking and information aggregation services.

Shibboleth for San Bernardino

Users at CSU San Bernardino will now login to Fresca using their Coyote ID and password. When you choose CSU San Bernardino from the drop-down list on the login page, Fresca will send you over to the San Bernardino login system.