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Upcoming changes for the Fall.

Published on the Fresca team blog Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 07:06pm

Update: The official release date for these features is Friday, August 28, 2009. In the meantime, if you're interested in a sneak preview, see the instructions at the end of this blog post.

We've been hard at work on a bunch of features, fixes, and improvements for Fresca over the summer. We expect to release this updated version of Fresca next week. But before we do that, we wanted to give you a little information about what to expect from this new release. Read on for more details and for information on how you can get involved as a beta tester for these new features before they're even released.

Biosketch generation.

The next release of Fresca will provide you tools to simply generate NIH and NSF biosketches from selected data in your Fresca profile. The biosketches are generated as a Word file compatible with Word 2003 and up, that you can edit as needed. The idea is to let you reuse all of the information you enter into Fresca for your own purposes, and this is the first major step in that direction. In the future, we'll also be adding tools for generating CVs.

New and improved data fields.

The next version of Fresca lets you enter even more information about yourself and your research, scholarship, and creative activities. We've completely remade the old "Awards" section and split it into areas for capturing your "Positions and Honors"; "Degrees and Post-Doctoral Training"; and "Collaborators, Advisers, and Advisees". You can now record information about external group memberships, and the people you collaborate with from all over the world. We've also collected a list of all the colleges and departments at each university, so you can accurately list what college and department you belong to at your university.

Enhanced privacy controls.

The next version of Fresca adds management pages for most of the different types of information you can store in Fresca. These management pages allow you to hide various items from appearing on your public Fresca profile, so only you can see them. You can view your own page as the public would see it by clicking on the "Public view" link on your own profile.

General search.

The next version of Fresca has a high-quality search feature that lets you enter any term to search across all of the public data in any public Fresca profile. Using the search tool, you can find users by their keywords, descriptions, by name, university, the titles of their publications, or pretty much anything you can think of. Just type a word or phrase and hit search. The new search feature augments the existing browse feature: When you know what you're searching for, use search; when you're trying to figure out what kinds of faculty are on Fresca, use browse.

And more…

In addition to these major changes, you'll find a lot of little refinements and updates to Fresca in the upcoming release. Some of these are little things, like fixing user interface glitches, improving consistency, and squashing a few bugs. There are too many little improvements to list here, but you may notice a few of the things that really annoyed you about Fresca getting fixed.

Get involved with Fresca.beta!

You can start using the new features and improvements to Fresca on our beta testing site called Fresca.beta. Send an e-mail to the CSU Fresca Team with your name and the e-mail address you use to login to Fresca and we'll send you an invitation to Fresca.beta with further details. Note that any changes you make to your profile on Fresca.beta will NOT affect your real profile here on live Fresca.