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The California State University

Fresca upgraded!

Published on the Fresca team blog Friday, August 28, 2009 at 04:36pm

The new version of Fresca is now live. The most exciting change in this version of Fresca is the ability to create NIH/NSF biosketches from the data you enter into your Fresca account. You'll find the biosketch creation tool on the right-hand side of your Fresca profile. Try it out and let us know how things work for you!

We've added the ability to generate your own biosketches in NIH or NSF formats. These are based on the data you've already entered into your profile. You can find the biosketch tool on your Me page. The resulting file is a Microsoft Word compatible document.

There are now even more fields you can use to describe your grants. In addition, the old "Awards" field has been broken up into "Positions and Honors,; "Degrees and Post-Doctoral Training", and "Collaborators, Advisers, and Advisees" for more accurate profile creation.

We've also improved privacy in Fresca. You can use the Manage tool of any section to hide items from appearing on your public profile.

The search tool has been updated to be more robust and sophisticated, now allowing you to search for any public data within Fresca. Just type a word or phrase and hit search. The new search feature augments the existing browse feature: When you know what you're searching for, use search; when you're trying to figure out what kinds of faculty are on Fresca, use browse.

Finally, a wide variety of small enhancements and bug fixes have been deployed, ensuring a better Fresca experience. We hope you enjoy the new release of Fresca and as usual if you have any questions drop us a line.