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The California State University


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  • Garza, C. 2008. Relating spatial scale to patterns of polychaete species diversity in coastal estuaries of the western United States. Landscape Ecology 23: 107-121.

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Educational Background

  • 1995-2001 – Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara (Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology)

  • 1991-1995 – B.Sc., California State University, Los Angeles (Biology)

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  • Spatial realism in the mussel bed disturbance paradigm.

  • The value of habitat diversity in marine reserves: Spiny lobster and sheephead use of the intertidal zone at the Santa Catalina Island MPA.

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Collaborators, Advisors & Advisees

  • Aiello, I – Moss Landing Marine Lab

  • Brousseau, D – Fairfield University

  • Cogan, C – California State University Channel Islands

  • Desharnais, R – California State University Los Angeles

  • Donahue, M – University of Hawaii

  • Goldberg, R – NOAA

  • Halpin, P – UCLA

  • Holbrook, S – UC Santa Barbara

  • Hotaling, L – COSEE

  • Kvitek, R – California State University Monterey Bay

  • Mesnick, S – NOAA

  • Olsen, T – US Environmental Protection Agency

  • Robles, C – California State University Los Angeles

  • Schmitt, R – UC Santa Barbara

  • Scowcroft, G – COSEE

  • Toews, S – California Ocean Protection Council

  • Yarish, C – University of Connecticut

  • Young , M – UC Santa Cruz

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