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The California State University


  • Interlando, J.C., T.P. Nobrega Neto and J.V. Nunes. 2009. Finiteness of the class group of a number field via lattice packings. JP Journal of Algebra, Number Theory and Applications 13: 1-5.

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  • Interlando, J.C. 2009. Decoding the ternary (23, 11, 9) quadratic residue code. Research Letters in Communications.

  • Interlando, J.C., A.L. Flores and T.P. Nobrega Neto. 2008. A family of asymptotically good lattices having a lattice in each dimension. International Journal of Number Theory 4: 147-154.

  • Interlando, J.C., A.L. Flores and T.P. Nobrega Neto. 2008. An extension of Craig's family of lattices. Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, accepted.

  • Interlando, J.C., J.O. Lopes and T.P. Nobrega Neto. 2006. The discriminant of Abelian number fields. Journal of Algebra and its Applications 5: 35-41.

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  • Interlando, J. and M. Elia. 2004. On the effective computation of isomorphisms between sigma(O_F/p) and GF(N_F(p)). Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences and Cryptography 7(2): 209-225.

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  • Financial support to attend the Workshop on Complexity, Coding, and Communications, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, April 16-20, 2007

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Positions & Honors

  • 2009 – University Grants Program Award / Classification of Norm-Euclidean Number Fields and Applications, San Diego State University

  • 2004-05 – Center for Applied Mathematics Fellow, University of Notre Dame

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