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The California State University


  • Sopha, A., H. Greene, S. Wyllie-Echeverria and F. Harmsen. 2010. Substrate Variations and its Relationship and Impact on the Distribution of Eelgrass Beds in Griffen Bay, Washington. Presented at American Geophysical Union, December, in San Francisco.

  • Davidson, E., H. Greene and F. Harmsen. 2010. Determining the Habitat Preference of Sand Lance (Ammodytes hexapterus) Using Multibeam Bathymetry in the San Juan Islands, Washington. Presented at American Geophysical Union, December, in San Francisco.

  • Harmsen, Fraka, Peter Van de Water, Donald Hunsaker and Vivian Luo. 2009. Future Climate Impacts on Fresno County, California: Mitigation Strategies, and Public Policy. Presented at Geological Society of America, October, in Portland, Oregon.

  • Bradshaw, M. and F. Harmsen. 2007. The paleoenvironmental significance of trace fossils in Devonian sediments (Taylor Group), Darwin Mountains to the Dry Valleys, southern Victoria Land. U. S. Geological Survey and The National Academies; USGS OF-2007-1047 : 15-19.

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  • Marine Benthic Habitat Mapping of Channel Islands National Park. National Parks Service

  • Marine Benthic Habitat Mapping of Point Reyes National Seashore, National Parks Service

  • Interpretation of Multi-Beam data From the Chatham Strait, SE Alaska, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

  • Mentoring, Education, Training, Research and Outreach (METRO) NSF

  • Marine Benthic Habitat Mapping in the Golden Gate Recreation Area, National Parks Service

  • NOAA Interdisciplinary Scientific Environmental Technology (ISET) Cooperative Research and Education Center

  • Environmental Entrepreneurship Program (EEP) at California State University, Fresno, San Jose State University and the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, NOAA

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