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The California State University


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Educational Background

  • 1994 – Doctor of Philosophy, University of Washington ( Zoology - Neural correlates of orientation to water-flow in Tritonia diomedea)

  • 1988 – B.S., Cornell University (Neurobiology & Behavior)

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  • Chemical warfare in the ocean: How Tritonia diomedea preys upon the toxic soft coral Ptilosarcus gurneyi

  • Chemical Warfare in the Ocean: How Marine Slugs Prey Upon Toxic Animals

  • Acquisition of a Laser Confocal Microscope for Natural Science Research and Teaching— an MRI/RUI Proposal

  • Neurophysiology laboratory experience for biology majors and other advanced students.

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Positions & Honors

  • 2010 – Campus Representative, COAST

  • 2009-present – Campus rep. to Moss Landing Governing Board, CSUEB

  • 2007-2012 – Chair of Division of Neurobiology, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

  • 2005-2007, 2010, 2012 – Visiting Instructor, Friday Harbor Labs

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Collaborators, Advisors & Advisees

  • Amagata, T – SFSU

  • Cain, S – Eastern Oregon University

  • Redondo, R – MIT

  • Sommerhalter, M – CSUEB Chemistry

  • Willows, A – UW and Friday Harbor Labs

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