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The California State University


  • Studebaker, R.S. and T.J. Mulligan. 2009. Feeding habits of young-of-the-year black (Sebastes melanops) and copper (S. caurinus) rockfish in eelgrass habitats of Humboldt Bay, California. Northwestern Naturalist. 90: 17-23.

  • Studebaker, R.S., K. Cox and T.J. Mulligan. 2009. Recent and historical spatial distributions of juvenile rockfish, Sebastes spp., in rocky intertidal tidepools with emphasis on Sebastes melanops. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 138: 645-651.

  • Studebaker, R.S. and T.J. Mulligan. 2008. Temporal variation and feeding ecology of juvenile rockfish (Sebastes) in rocky intertidal tidepools of northern California, with emphasis on Sebastes melanops Girard. J. Fish. Biol. 72: 1393-1405.

  • Gleason, E. and T.J. Mulligan. 2007. Fish distribution in Humboldt Bay, California: A GIS perspective by habitat type. In Current Perspectives on the Physical and Biological Processes of Humboldt Bay, California, edited by S.C. Schlosser and R. Rasmussen. California Sea Grant.

  • Quinones, R. and T.J. Mulligan. 2005. Habitat Use by Juvenile Salmonids in the Smith River Estuary, California. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 134: 1147-1158.

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Educational Background

  • 1987-89 – Post-doc, University of Washington (Fisheries Science)

  • 1987 – Ph.D., University of Maryland, Chesapeake Biological Lab (Marine Science)

  • 1981 – M.S., University of Central Florida (Biological Sciences)

  • 1977 – B.S., University of Vermont (Biological Sciences)

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  • HSUSPF Wave Connect Proposal. Pacific Gas & Electric. Fisheries Investigations.

  • Collaborative Fisheries Research to Support the Evaluation of Marine Protected Area Proposals and Adaptive Management in the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative, North Coast Study Region

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