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The California State University


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  • Finney, Malcolm, James Till and Naoko Tamura. 2007. Effects of Competence, Exposure, and Linguistic Backgrounds on Accurate Production of English Pure Vowels by Native Japanese and Mandarin Speakers. Presented at American Association for Applied Linguistics, 21-24 April, in Costa Mesa.

  • Finney, Malcolm. 2007. Creoles as Mediums of Instruction: A Realistic or an Idealistic Notion? Presented at Annual Conference of the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics, 5-7 January, in Anaheim.

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Educational Background

  • 1994 – Ph.D., University of Ottawa (Linguistics)

  • 1988 – M.A., University of Ottawa (Linguistics)

  • 1984 – BA (Honors), University of Sierra Leone (English Language & Literature)

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Positions & Honors

  • 2006 – Collaborative Proposal Award to develop an Undergraduate Teaching and Research Seminar entitled: “The Multidimensional Africana Male: Issues of Retention, Recruitment, and Self-Representation in the Culture and Language of College”, College of Liberal Arts, CSU Long Beach

  • 2006 – Faculty Community Service Award , CSU Long Beach

  • 2005 – Spirit of Service Award, Center for Community Engagement-CSULB (Valuable contributions to Long Beach community through commitment to community life and generosity of spirit)

  • 2003-2010 – Faculty Fellow, Curriculum Development & Community Based Research, Center for Community Engagement, CSULB

  • 2003 – Member, Family Learning Center Committee, Long Beach Public Libraries

  • 2003 – Associate to Advisory Board , Long Beach Public Library Foundation

  • 2002 – Outstanding Service Learning Faculty Member , Center for Community Engagement-CCE (Certificate of Appreciation)

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