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The California State University


  • Choboter, P.F., M.P. Thomas and J.E. Castillo. 2015. Nesting nonhydrostatic UCOAM within hydrostatic ROMS. Manuscript in preparation.

  • Thomas, M.P. 2014. Parallel Implementation of the Unified Curvilinear Ocean and Atmospheric (UCOAM) Model and Supporting Computational Environment. PhD diss., Claremont Graduate University and San Diego State University.

  • Thomas, M.P., C. Cheng, S. More and S. Hetang. 2012. Integrating HPC Resources , Services , and Cyberinfrastructure to Develop Science Applications Using Web Application Frameworks. In PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2012 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING TECHNIQUES AND APPLICATIONS, edited by H.R. Arabnia, H. Ishii, . Ito, J. Kazuki and H. Nishikawa, 421-427. Las Vegas: CSREA Press.

  • Thomas, M.P. and J.E. Castillo. 2012. Parallelization of the 3D Unified Curvilinear Coastal Ocean Model: Initial Results. In The 12th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA 2012), edited by L. O'Conner, 88-96. Salvador de Bahia: IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services (CPS).

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Educational Background

  • 2014 – Ph.D., San Diego State University (Computational Science)

  • 1996 – M.S., San Diego State University (Computer Science)

  • 1987 – M.S., San Diego State University (Physics)

  • 1980 – B.S., University of Texas at Austin (Physics)

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