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The California State University


  • Oshun, J., W. Dietrich, T. Dawson and I. Fung. 2016. Dynamic, structured heterogeneity of water isotopes inside hillslopes. Water Resources Research 52: 164-189.

  • Simonin, K., P. Link, D. Rempe, S. Miller, J. Oshun, C. Bode, W. Dietrich, I. Fung and T. Dawson. 2014. Vegetation induced changes in the stable isotope composition of near surface humidity. Ecohydrology 7: 936-949.

  • Link, P., K. Simonin, H. Maness, J. Oshun, T. Dawson and I. Fung. 2014. Species differences in the seasonality of evergreen tree transpiration in a Mediterranean climate. Water Resources Research 50: 1869-1894.

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Educational Background

  • 2016 – PhD, UC Berkeley (Critical Zone Science, ecohydrology, geomorphology)

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