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The California State University


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Educational Background

  • 2002 – Ph.D., UCLA (Marine Population Biology)

  • 2001-2003 – Post Doctoral Fellow, Stanford University (Coastal Restoration)

  • 1993 – B.S., UCSB (Ecology and Evolution)

  • 1993 – B.S., UCSB (Environmental Studies)

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  • NCEAS Gulf Oil Spill EcoTox Working Group

  • Pilot Riparian Restoration along the Santa Clara River, Ventura County

  • Santa Clara River Estuary Toxicity and Emerging Contaminants Study

  • Ormond Beach Monitoring and Metric Development

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Positions & Honors

  • 2017 – Earth Day Award, Ventura County Board of Supervisors

  • 2011 – Lynton Award for Scholarly Community Engagement Award Finalist, NERCHE ((national finalist))

  • 2011 – Faculty of the Year, Center for Community Engagement, CSU Channel Islands

  • 2011 – President's Innovation in Teaching Award, CSU Channel Islands (inaugural winner)

  • 2010 – EDEN Award Destination of Excellence for Sustainable Tourism, European Union

  • 2009, 2012 – Maximus Faculty of the Year, CSU Channel Islands (Finalist only)

  • 2008 – Whitley Fund For Nature Gold Award, Whitley Fund For Nature (UK) (Voted best global, international collaborative project of 2008)

  • 2008 – Whitley Fund For Nature Award, Whitley Fund For Nature (UK) (Awarded to my Turkish Conservation Group's efforts in eastern Turkey)

  • 2007 – Maximus Faculty of the Year Award, CSU Channel Islands

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