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Educational Background

  • 1984 – Ph.D., University of Georgia (Zoology)

  • 1979 – B.S., University of Michigan (Zoology)

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Positions & Honors

  • 2009-Present – Research Faculty, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, San Jose State University Foundation

  • 2002-2009 – Affiliate Research Scientist, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, San Jose State University Foundation

  • 1999-2002 – Research Scientist, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, San Jose State University Foundation

  • 1994-1999 – Assistant Research Biologist, Step II, Dept. Biology, UCLA, At Hopkins Marine Station

  • 1992-1994 – Assistant Research Biologist, Dept. Biology, UCLA, At Hopkins Marine Station

  • 1991-1992 – Reasearch Associate - Instructor, Dept. Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology, University of Chicago, At Hopkins Marine Station

  • 1988-1991 – Research Associate, Dept. Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology, University of Chicago, At Hopkins Marine Station

  • 1987 – Australian Museum Lizard Island Research Station Bicentennial Fellowship, Australian Museum of Natural History

  • 1985 – National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Plant Biology, National Science Foundation

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