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The California State University

About Fresca

Fresca is the California State University system's web-based database of the research expertise, scholarship, and creative activities of faculty and affinity groups across the 23 campuses of the CSU. Fresca is still in its early stages and is being piloted for select campuses and affinity groups.

Features for CSU Faculty

  • An attractive online CV.
  • Ability to import information from a growing range of sources to reduce or eliminate the need for manual data entry.
  • Maintain your information in one place; reuse it many places.
  • Quickly and easily generate NIH and NSF bio-sketches (and, coming soon, other vitae and reports) from your profile.
  • Find potential collaborators and colleagues across the entire CSU.
  • Find and join CSU-wide affinity groups; get the latest news and discover new opportunities.

The Fresca Team

Our team is:

  • Elizabeth Ambos (CSU Chancellor's Office)
  • Andrew Roderick (Academic Technology, San Francisco State University)
  • Daniel Koepke (Academic Technology, San Francisco State University)
  • Charles O'Sullivan (Academic Technology, San Francisco State University)
  • MIchael Harper (Academic Technology, San Francisco State University)


Fresca is built on free and open source software, including:

  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ubuntu (Linux)
  • jQuery

Fresca uses icons from the Silk Icon Set under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.