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The California State University


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What does it mean to feature a publication/degree/etc.?

A faculty member may choose to feature particular content in his/her profile. Featured content appears in the overview section of the faculty member's public profile, and provides the faculty member an easy way to provide a brief overview of his/her background, research, scholarship, and creative activities. Content that is not featured (but that is not explicitly hidden) is still available for the public to view in other sections (for example, a faculty member's full publication list is available by clicking the "Publications" link in his/her profile's sidebar).

Why do I have to pick what university I'm from before I login?

Fresca is designed to integrate with the authentication systems at individual campuses. For campuses where we have not yet been able to integrate the authentication system, Fresca offers a built-in password-based authentication system. If you do not have an account and your university's authentication system has not yet been integrated, you will need to sign-up for an account.

Who built Fresca?

Fresca is a project for the California State University system sponsored by the CSU Chancellor's Office. The design and implementation are handled by Academic Technology at San Francisco State University.

What browsers does Fresca support?

We recommend using one of the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 3, 3.5, and 3.6
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8
  • Safari 4

If you use another browser, let us know how your experience with Fresca is. While we cannot test all of the available browsers and their different versions, we try our best to support a wide range of browsers, assistive technologies, and devices.

Does Fresca require cookies? Why?

Fresca uses a session cookie to store a unique number. This number is used within the Fresca application to associate state (such as which account you've logged in as) with your browser session. This cookie does not contain any personal information of any kind, is not accessible or shared with anyone else, and is deleted when you close your browser.

Is JavaScript required?

No. Fresca is designed to work with JavaScript disabled. When JavaScript is enabled, Fresca offers an enhanced user experience. However, the same functionality is available with JavaScript disabled as it is without it (although the interfaces may be slightly different).

What software do I need to view and edit generated bio-sketches and CVs?

Bio-sketches and CVs generated by Fresca are in Microsoft Word 2003 WordML format. The following software should work to view/edit these documents:

  • Microsoft Word 2003 or later (editor; Windows and MacOS X)
  • Microsoft Word Viewer 2003 or later (viewer; freely available; Windows only)
  • (freely available; multiple platforms)