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The California State University

Other campuses

Unfortunately, Fresca has not yet integrated your campus's authentication system. This means that, for now, you'll need a separate Fresca account. If you don't have an account, yet, read the section below entitled "Sign-up for a Fresca account".

Users who already have a Fresca account

Login by clicking the "Login / sign-up to Fresca" link. (When you're not logged in, this link appears in the top-right of every page on Fresca.) You will be taken to the "Choose your identity provider" page. An identity provider is the university (or other institution) at which you work. Choose the correct university from the list and click the "Login" button.

Fresca will redirect you to a page asking for the e-mail address and password associated with your Fresca account. If you can't remember your Fresca password or are having other trouble logging in, please contact us.

Sign-up for a Fresca account

Fresca is only available to faculty members of the CSU. Since Fresca does not yet integrate your campus's authentication system, you will need to request an account by going to the "Sign-up for a Fresca account" page. When you submit the form there, we'll review the information you provide to ensure that you are a CSU faculty member and then send you an invite.

We respond promptly to account requests. However, in some cases, it may take a few business days for us to send you an invitation. We appreciate your patience. (If you don't receive an invitation within a few days after signing up for an account, contact us.) The invitation will contain all of the instructions you need to login to your new Fresca account.

If this seems a bit onerous, we apologize. This is an interim solution while we work on integrating the authentication systems for each campus in the CSU.