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The California State University

SF State

Fresca integrates with SF State's Shibboleth web login system. To login (or create your Fresca profile), click the "Login / sign-up to Fresca" link. (When you're not logged in, this link appears in the top-right of every page.)

You'll be taken to the "Choose your identity provider" page. Choose "San Francisco State University" from the drop-down list, then click the "Login" button.

Fresca will redirect you to the SF State global authentication form. If you're asked for your SF State ID and password, enter them and click the "login" button. (Note that this information is not sent to Fresca. In your address bar, you'll see that you're on the site.) The global authentication form will then send you back to Fresca.

If you have an existing Fresca profile that you've logged into before using Fresca's built-in authentication system, you'll be logged into your existing profile. You no longer need the password you formerly created to use on Fresca. From now on, you'll login with your SF State ID and password.

If you do not yet have a Fresca profile, Fresca will ask you if you wish to create one.Click the "Create profile" button to have Fresca create your new profile and take you to the "Getting started" page.